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Hello, I am Colleen Sklar!

I am very happy you are here!

Hi, I’m Colleen Sklar, a conflict resolution strategist, policy innovator and proud Manitoban.

Over my life, I have had a wide array of education, life experiences and employment opportunities from selling suits, to waiting tables, to my current role working to build collaborative partnerships with local governments. Having the opportunity to connect with and learn from inspiring people and organizations from around the world has not only led to amazing friendships, it has broadened my understanding of what is possible when people come together.

One of the greatest lessons I have learned in my life was from my folks, who taught me that when you leave a place; leave it better then when you found it for those who arrive next. I learned fast that what this really means is that you not only have to clean up your mess but at times pick up what others have left behind as well.

It is also important not to assume where the best ideas come from. I have learned that genius can be found within the diverse cast of characters that surround us - the customers, teachers, scientists, politicians, farmers, environmentalists, advocates, authors, artists, cooks, bartenders, entrepreneurs and elders. It is from this openness to ideas and perspective that can allow us to recognize the wheat from the chaff and decide what stays and what must go. The important thing is to also know which experts to listen to and whom to ignore, and how to respect but not be weighed down by the status quo.

As a mother of two young women, an aunt to four young women, as a friend and neighbour, I have a deep connection to who will be next. I think its time to get busy and to figure out what needs to be cleaned up. This is going to require some subtle tweaks and some not so subtle tweaks and may even require that sometimes we throw the baby out with the bathwater.

The pages, articles and blogs on this site are meant to inspire ideas, practical action and leadership so we can leave this planet, this country, this province and our neighbourhood better then we found it for our children and grandchildren.

There is no time like the present to get started. I hope you will join me!


Colleen Sklar

About Creative Resolutions

Creative Resolutions is a community based consultation company specializing in developing pathways that encourages good growth, good stewardship and good governance. We are faced with the dual challenges of really complex problems that have so many potential solutions such as big data, technology and science that we seem paralyzed with choice. To counteract this we will be calling on an array of perspectives from citizens, scientists, politicians, farmers, lawyers, economists and leave no stone unturned as we harness the genius that is resident in our community. 

This web site is meant to encourage action. We hope to offer a common-sense point of view that delivers clarity of vision, immediacy of action and the tools to measure impact. We recognize that growth is not easy, but Creative Resolutions is intended help us get started. Together, we can help create the conditions for meaningful collaboration and problem solving.