Episode #2: Lanny McInnis

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Why It Matters  

Moving from the Kings of lost opportunity to being globally competitive is hard work, but absolutely necessary if we are going to make good on our promise to become all we hope to be.

Since 2015 experts have been telling us to get our house in order while working collaboratively in a regional approach for economic development.  By pooling our assets, strengths and overcoming our weaknesses we can do this.

We all know we need to look through a new lens, and see and define the benefits to all. It is from this place we can ensure cooperation that makes sure we are pulling in the same direction, which makes the entire region more attractive and more relevant for the future.  

As the president of the Manitoba Home Builders Association, you would think that Lanny McInnis would think that building homes is the hard part. But the truly hard part talks place long before anyone breaks ground or lays the foundation for any development.  The struggles begin by insisting on a balanced approach, where everyone gets to be heard. That ensures that local buy-in by relying a streamlined and transparent process toward development.

On Today’s Podcast

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Lanny McInnis is the President and CEO of the Manitoba Home Builders Association – an organization that is the voice for the residential construction industry in Manitoba.  We discuss a new approach to development and how having everyone provide input is key to true collaboration – as we are all in this together. 

When asked about how we can become more competitive and improve investment to Manitoba and the Metro Region Lanny provides his thoughts on how we can stop investment from flying over us by having what investors are looking for. 

He also shares what the development community hopes and fears: They are excited on the one hand to be part of this work, but apprehensive that a move to a regional approach may add more bureaucracy and red tape which is a move in the wrong direction. 

What everyone is looking for is a more streamlined approach one that is transparent and provides certainty while making sure the voices of the local community is heard. 

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Highlighted Quotes:

"We hear about it occasionally, where you see investment fly over us for a whole host of reasons. But the fact that we haven't got our homework work done, and and don't have information that investors are looking for when they're… Click To Tweet "We cant change geography and we cant change weather but we can make Winnipeg and the Capital Region much more attractive to investment." – Lanny McInnis Click To Tweet "I think it's just natural when there is going to be change, and you don't know the details around the change, to be a bit apprehensive." – Lanny McInnis Click To Tweet "I think what we're looking for, from the Winnipeg Metro Region and the province, is a more streamlined approach that allows more certainty, less ambiguity, in terms of what can and cannot be approved by municipalities in terms of… Click To Tweet "Planning can't end at your municipal boundary and taking a regional approach is, and we've seen it in other places that have really taken the lead on this, benefits not just the major municipality in the capital region, but all of… Click To Tweet "And just because some something is planned and developed and built just outside side of Winnipeg doesn't mean that Winnipeg won't benefit from it. And so this is not a zero sum game." – Lanny McInnis Click To Tweet

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