Episode #7: Dorothy Dobbie

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Dorothy Dobbie is a businesswoman, writer, a photographer, a speaker, a former Politian, a publisher and a radio host. 

Why you should care

In today’s there are few opportunities for people of two countries to have something, anything, to facilitate warm friendships through an inspiring and enriching experience.  That is what Dorothy Dobbie is charged with in her new role as the Finance Chair of the Board of the International Peace Garden.  With her career that includes being a businesswoman, a writer, photographer, speaker, politician, publisher and radio host this new role will call on all here many skills.    

In this role she is called on to build new opportunities to collaborate nationally through renewing this magnificent garden by enhancing the programming toward peace and justice.   This garden is a jewel for Manitoba, straddling the boarder with North Dakota, it has a long and prestigious history.  In 1928 it was created through the vision of Dr. Henry J Moore, a Canadian Horticulturist who was inspired while attending a gathering of gardeners in Greenwich, Connecticut.  He conceived of creating a garden on the international boundary where the people of the two countries could come enjoy the experience and lead to building warm friendship.  

On Today’s Podcast 

In this episode we talk to Dorothy Dobbie, a businesswoman, a writer, a photographer, a speaker, a former Politian, a publisher and a radio host. 

Dorothy is currently the founder and president of Pegasus Publications a media company that is responsible for many important local, regional and national publications.

In 1988 to 1993, Dorothy was a member of the Canadian Parliament.  She served as parliamentary secretary on several high-profile portfolios.

Dorothy is an enthusiastic community leader and was awarded a Queen’s Jubilee medal for her community involvement. Dorothy is also my mentor and friend. 

Throughout Dorothy’s career she has consistently worked to bring communities together.

One of Dorothy’s passions these days is her incredible work on the International Peace Garden. Not unlike today the International Peace garden project was spearheaded by strong leadership from the highest levels of society and saw Lady Eaton from Canada and Clara Jane Ford from the US as early champions. The International project sparked the imagination of many and drew people it, the art of the possible with 50,000 people attending the dedication ceremony on 14 July 1932.

Dorothy is also involved with the One Million Tree Challenge launched this September by the City of Winnipeg in partnership with CN and Tree Canada. The initiative will see one million trees be planted as the population of the city grows to one million over the next 20 years. The One Million Tree Challenge encourages involvement from every level of the community and will help the city of Winnipeg to maintain its tree canopy despite the threats of emerald ash border beetle and Dutch elm disease. Dorothy encourages individuals as well as organizations such as the Winnipeg Metropolitan Region to get involved.

Highlighted Quotes

What we hope is to build a conflict resolution centre where we will be able to bring people from all over the world to talk over their problems and difficulties and arrive at peaceful solutions.

When you work together, when you collaborate, when you cooperate – you build something bigger. 

If your communities come together and plan and collaborate as one, just think of all of all of the possibilities for saving money, for building bigger and better transportation systems, for having better servicing because you’re not piece-mealing them out. 

It’s always the last half mile that it takes the hardest amount of energy to get there.

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