Episode #8: Mike Moore

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Mike Moore is the former president of the Manitoba Home Builders Association who, after retiring in 2017, spent 9 years guiding members comprised of home builders, land developers, renovators, manufacturers, suppliers, designers, architects, engineers, financial institutions, and mortgage companies, lawyers, and public utilities who all work to build Manitoba’s communities.

Born and raised in Sarnia, Ontario Moore chose to move to Manitoba in 1981 where, over the years, has worked with many professionals and participated in many processes that have helped shape the Manitoba we know today. Being directly involved with planning for growth means he has worked with both experts in business and industry, and leaders in government and has seen how that relationship has both progressed and improved over time.

Why Should You Care?

When you think about the future of Manitoba, most people think of Jobs, Technology and jobs again.  Mike Moore is one the people who knows that the backbone of being ready to join the global economy start with, (Drum Roll Please!) LAND USE.   How we build the plan for how we will use our most valuable if resources, our land, is where it all begins.

Whether its residential, commercial/industrial or transportation land use, we know the current processes in Manitoba can be better coordinated to reduce red tape and make it easier for everyone to invest, build and grow in the Winnipeg METRO Region.  As they say, it may be sexy, but if you don’t get this right, we will make it more difficult to succeed.    As you know, the W.M.R. is leading our efforts to renew our land use system.

On Today’s Podcast

On today’s podcast we talk with Mike Moore, former president of the Manitoba Home Builders Association. Although Moore feels we have come a long way and has seen strides in collaboration across sectors in Manitoba, we still have a long way to go to save money, make money and get the job done better. 

Making this happen requires a revamp of current practices by leaders taking a collaborative approach across sectors. Learn what is being done right now to plan for tomorrow on today’s episode of Creative Resolutions. 

Highlighted Quotes

The expertise is in the private sector – in industry. They are the people that do the work. 

We have to work for the benefit of everybody because if one of us fail, we all fail. 

I always believe in the adage you always leave something better than the way you found it. 

That would be the biggest piece of advice [to elected leaders] – listen. We have a lot of very smart people in this province.  

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