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Creative Resolutions has broken the code on project management. Through our network of experts, and proven framework for success, we help smart people do hard things. We deliver the results, so you can reap the rewards.

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You’re an expert in what you do. You’re smart and have worked hard to get where you are right now. You need someone to help you turn your vision into action, or help gaining that last bit of competitive edge. That’s where we come in. We are Creative Resolutions for a reason.

Its who we are and what we do.

From Our Founder

Turn Your Vision Into Action

When it comes to building a business, or running a government, non-profit or NGO, there always seems to be a mile-long list of best practices and must-do strategies. This can seem daunting, and you’re already busy!

After years in this business, I’ve learned a few things about how to bring groups forward.

Our clients turn to us to simplify the process, create a manageable plan, and help groups be empowered and organized enough to take hard tangible action, and finally see businesses and communities grow.

We turn vision into action

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Achieve More  Together

Trusted By Top Organizations Around The World

The world is becoming more global. At Creative Resolutions, we draw on decades of experience working with governments, businesses, and NGOs to help make sense of complex issues, and find tangible paths forward in this new world order. The time is now to seize the economic opportunities of a global marketplace, or get left behind.


Our Clients Are:

  • Mission driven, growth oriented businesses
  • Nonprofits and philanthropies
  • Associations and membership based organizations
  • Governments

We’ve Got You Covered

Our award winning network of experts bring decades of experience to bringing your ideas to life.

Designing With The End In Mind

Full Service Project Management:

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A winning project starts with a clear-cut vision, or at least a pathway towards success. Then why is it so hard to create? Our team will help you refine your vision, identify your works steps, timelines, and ways to measure progress.

Having a clear achievable path is critical to keeping a project on time and on budget, as well providing a foundation for effective communications. We will make sure you visualize an achievable path which is critical to keeping a project on time and on budget. And this is a foundation for effective communications ensuring all stake holders, including the public, remain engaged and supportive throughout the project timeframe.

Butter Knife vs Screw Driver

Team Creation:

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Interested in assembling the best team for the project? We can help. The traditional one stop shop is a model no longer guarantees successful outcome. The complexity of undertaking a project today calls for a better approach. Once we understand your vision of success, identifying the required skill sets will be a snap.

Since we work on such an array of different projects, we have stable of experts to choose from to help you deliver on your promise.

Each of these subject matter experts knows how to fit in to a project time knowing the value of timely advice. They will focus on the immediate task at hand but also ensure that they deliver the right information when your project needs it for long term success. After all, they are experts.

Knowing Your Weak Spots

Risk Assessment:

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Having a full understanding of the risks any project is critical to the success of everything you do. We can help you identify both hard and soft risks. That is, risks to your budget and timeline or to your processes.

Additionally, these risks can also be political and directed toward your project. Having a full accounting of the risk allows us to help you develop a proactive plan to manage it and avoid any “blowback” on your project.

Hearing Voices, Not Ticking Boxes

Community Engagement:

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We believe in ensuring that we reach as many people as possible to seek input and support for your project. Certified to deliver engaging, frank and varied engagements, our IAP2 certified team will ensure your project meets and exceeds the best practice benchmark for community engagement.

We don’t limit good ideas to the loudest and most prevalent voices, our custom process is designed to seek out and hear the voices who are not often asked, leveling the power imbalances and the stake.

Building Strategic Alliances

Government Relations:

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Getting it right the first time requires open lines of communications and a good relationship with all levels of government. Processes to keep everyone in the loop and updated is key to avoiding pitfalls.

Moving From Opinions to Policy

Survey Development:

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Most surveys don’t work. Sometimes you just have to get to the bottom of a challenge for your project. One of the best ways to get a read on any situation is having access to research team that can assist you in the design and execution of a custom plan of action.

Our team can develop effective surveys to affect the outcomes for any project.

Better than do-it-yourself survey tools, we are capable of supplying state of the art survey development. The key is to understand the metrics of your project and being able to translate that to a targeted assessment.

At Creative Resolutions we believe that properly design research can be the difference between success and failure.

Story Catching

Strategic Planning

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Projects often are bereft of strategy and are heavily concentrated on the tactics that move projects along. As such, projects large and small seem to make you lose sight of their context.

How any project fits into any of the surrounding ecosystems of transportation, healthcare, food, population, jobs, resources or government are important to understand its impact. And, as they say, impact is power and is nothing to scoff at today.

Decoding Conflict

Conflict Resolution

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Your project wouldn’t be anything worth doing if it didn’t generate a bunch of differing opinion. The most successful projects, the ones that have the biggest impact, AKA the ones worth doing, are the ones where passion run high.

At Creative Resolution’s, we believe conflict is a good thing. What’s bad is usually how it is managed. With our proven approach to transparent engagement and optimized communications, we help sort through the conflict, dissenting views and overall concerns. We ensure the project team gets access to the critical dynamics at hand to make the best decisions for your project.

Story Telling

Branding, PR, Communications:

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Having a clear idea packaged and ready to go is just half the battle in any project. The rest is how we tell your story. We have a dedicated team that manages the branding and communications strategy for your project. Everything from branding, to web design, social media, public relations & more. We tell your story in a way that is relevant to the any key stakeholder of import. As with everything we do, we tell the right story to the right person at the right time.

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Our mission is to empower you to uncover hidden opportunities, achieve more, and take control of the future.

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We are in a new era of economic development – one where jurisdictions and businesses are facing a host of complexities and noise. I know how tough it can be to see the forest for the trees when you have a business, government or NGO to run. I’ve done it!

As I got into the field of working with governments, businesses, and movements on projects, I became most excited about working on things that really mattered to people. Those projects tended to involve people and what they found most important: their values, their success, and the quality of their life.

What I have learned over the years is that it takes a specific set of negotiation, management, and communication skills in order to create a collaborative work environment, narrow down a strategic plan, and avoid an uncertain future. I do that. I get things done.

I’ve learned to apply the knowledge of an engineer, political scientist, or a city planner creatively to come to resolutions in the lives of the people with whom I work. Hence: Creative Resolutions.

I’m also trained in conflict resolutions which makes me uniquely qualified to treat the people and their challenges with respect, honesty and transparency.

I bring leaders together to agree on shared challenges and break down potential solutions—with tangible action. Our mission is to empower you to uncover hidden opportunities, achieve more, and take control of the future.



Creative Resolutions Blog

“One thing I help my clients with is not only having ideas and vision, but being able to find a tangible path forward to execute and get things done. Vision is fine, but it is meaningless if it doesn’t translate to action.”

– Colleen Sklar

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