Colleen Sklar

Achieve More, Together.

I help my clients do that.

When it comes to building a business, or running a government, non-profit or NGO, there always seems to be a mile-long list of best practices and must-do strategies.

This can seem daunting, and you're already busy!

After years in this business, I've learned a few things about how to bring groups forward.

My clients turn to me to simplify the process, create a manageable plan, and help groups be empowered and organized enough to take hard tangible action, and finally see businesses and communities grow.

I turn vision into action.

Growing Together

We are living in a world that has delivered us an abundance of resources that we can call upon for our community to grow as prosper.

World class technology, an educated populace, a stable economy, and motivated residents that are rallying to compete in this emerging global economy.

As we understand our place as Manitobans in this Canadian experiment, we know that we are responsible for our own trajectory. But cannot solve the complex challenges before us alone. We need to rely on one another, set our sights high, and make sure we use all the tools we have access to.

One thing I'm very passionate about is not only having ideas and vision, but being able to find a path forward to execute those visions and actually get things done.
What inspired me to get involved in this type of work was the realization that we really needed find a better way to work together in order to ensure we were going to have a sustainable environment, a good economy, and jobs for our children as we go into the future.

- Colleen Sklar

Smart Thinking, Tangible Action

I created Creative Resolutions to deliver the news, solutions, discussions, and strategies that you will need to marshal your efforts and succeed.

As such, Creative Resolutions first and foremost delivers you smart thinking that help to frame some of the challenges we are facing together.

My podcast gives you access to many of the prime movers in the world of politics, business, and civil society.

My social media offers a place to converse in real time via Twiiter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. I love hearing from everyone.

Join me as I debate, strategize, and start to solve some of these complexities at hand.

Where does the name Creative Resolutions come from?

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As I got into the field of working with governments, businesses, and movements on projects, I became most excited about working on things that really mattered to people. Those projects tended to involve people and what they found most important: their values, their success, and the quality of their life.

Needless to stay, this was a bit daunting! I felt like I was in over my head, having no degrees in political science, engineering, or city planning. But I was trained in conflict resolutions which made me uniquely qualified to treat the people and their challenges with respect, honesty and transparency.

So, I learned to apply the knowledge of an engineer, political scientist, or a city planner creatively to come to resolutions in the lives of the people with whom I work. Hence: Creative Resolutions.

My Latest Work

I got involved with working with local leaders about 10 years ago on the Lake Friendly Initiative, where nine Manitoban mayors and reeves came together around the South Basin of Lake Winnipeg. This group really needed help organizing to get the message out about the deteriorating water quality in Lake Winnipeg.

From there, it grew to working with the leaders of the Winnipeg Metropolitan Region, who—like the mayors of the South Basin—wanted to organize around regional land use, planning, service delivery, protection of the environment, protection of their resources, and really building a strong economy.


Collaborative Leadership Iniative


Lake Friendly Initiative


Winnipeg Metropolitan Region

Achieve More, Together.

Listen in bimonthly as I talk to leaders across all sectors of civic and political life about developing a culture of collaboration to increase competitiveness, build solid foundations for economic success, and behave like a global actor by focusing on regional economic development.

Getting a wide variety of stakeholders with individual self interests to work together for the common good is notoriously hard. But it has also been one of the most rewarding aspects of my entire career!

My results-driven approach simplifies the process, empowering you to uncover hidden opportunities, take tangible action, and finally see businesses and communities grow!

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."

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