The “whiteout” may be gone, but Winnipeg has changed for the better

May 21, 2018

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Oh the ups and the downs………..

Following the Winnipeg Jets over the last few weeks has been quite an emotional rollercoaster, and although this long awaited and thoroughly enjoyable ride has ended, it has left Winnipeg and Winnipeg fans changed forever.

We have seen fans from across Manitoba, Canada and North America take to the streets bringing our arena and our downtown alive.  We have seen the thousands stand, cheer and dream together about the possibility of winning a Stanley Cup.

Then there were those who did not make it to the downtown festivities who watched at house parties, in pubs, on community streets and in halls, gathering together as neighbours and friends all cheering for the same team at the same time. Creating a powerful force to reckon with.

Although this morning the weather has cleared and the “Whiteout” has gone, in the quiet that exists after a storm there is a renewed sense of community spirit and pride in this great place. There is a new sense of comradery and unity, a sense of beauty.

Thank you Winnipeg Jets for your tremendous and heartfelt effort.  You offered us a reason to cheer together, taking a break from the busyness of life and a chance to spend game time in the company friends, family and neighbors. Something it is probably safe to say that we all need to do a little more often.

Can’t wait until next season and thanks again for leaving it all on the ice!!


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