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September 18, 2019

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Made In Manitoba: Manitoba is truly at the crossroads of Canada.  In addition to our productive capacity, our abundant resources, and our geographic location in the center of Canada, we are fortunate to have accumulated an array of brilliant, talented and accomplished professionals that have chosen to make Manitoba home. 

Home grown or by happenstance, we can assemble a roster that is second to none when answering the call to focus upon the challenge of a New Green Way. 

(Thanks for the impetus of Time Magazine’s recent issue that introduced us to “15 women that are leading the fight against of climate change!”) We were impressed by their list but immediately turned to our embarrassment of riches on that same topic. 

Naturally, we quickly came up with our own list – You will see a variety of scientists, leaders, activists, planners, academics, business executives and strategists that make up this list.  In short, access to this group certifies that if it can be imagined, we can be sure it can be Made in Manitoba.

We are sure that making a list will certainly omit other worthy people that should be cited too.  If you think of them and would let us know, we can add them to our list of luminaries.   

Here is our list, in no particular order.  We hope you enjoy meeting them.

Merrell-Ann Phare

Image via LinkedIn

Commissioner – International Joint Commission

Merrell-Ann Phare is a lawyer, writer, strategist, negotiator and relationship-builder who worked extensively in and with indigenous organizations on environmental, land, water, rights and governance issues.

Continue Reading about Merrell-Ann Phare

Dimple Roy

Image via LinkedIn

Director – IISD

Dimple Roy (Winnipeg) is a director with the International Institute for Sustainable Development, where she has worked in various capacities since 2008. Ms. Roy provides research leadership, policy analyses, and management functions on issues related to sustainable development in the context of people, land, water and agriculture in Canada and globally. She is also a former policy analyst for Manitoba Conservation. Continue Reading about Dimple Roy

Donna Dagg

Sustainability Manager – Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries.

Donna Dagg is leading fair trade forward in her community. Her job is to make sure the large Crown Corporation acts sustainably in order to reduce the impact they, like so many other large organizations, can have on the environment.

Continue Reading about Donna Dagg

Alexis Kanu

Image via

Executive Director – Lake Winnipeg Foundation

A PhD in Environmental Science from the University of Manitoba; experience working with diverse organizations in the non-profit and community development sectors.

Continue Reading about Alexis Kanu

Jodi Goerzen

Image via The Lake Winnipeg Foundation

District Manager – Seine-Rat River Conservation District

Jodi manages the Seine-Rat River Conservation District, a grassroots environmental organization based in her hometown of Steinbach. Under the direction of the Board, Jodi leads a strong team of watershed professionals who implement projects that protect and enhance land and water resources across Southeastern Manitoba.

Continue Reading about Jodi Goerzen

Jane McDonald 

Image via IISD

President / CEO  IISD, Vice-Chair IISD‘s Experimental Lakes Area Board

Jane oversees the operations of one of the world’s most influential freshwater research facilities and provides leadership to IISD’s global team of staff and research associates, whose work impacts economies, ecosystems and lives in nearly 100 countries.

Continue Reading about Jane Macdonald

Annette Trimbee

Image via Universities Canada

President and Vice-Chancellor at the University of Winnipeg

Annette Trimbee holds a BSc from the University of Winnipeg, an MSc from the University of Manitoba and a PhD from McMaster University in ecology and a Post-Doc in aquatic ecology from the University of Alberta.

Continue Reading about Annette Trimbee here, and here.

Sharon Gurney

Image via LinkedIn

Environmental Consultant

A major focus of Sharon Gurney’s experience has focused on evaluating the impact of human activity on aquatic ecosystems using thorough knowledge of water chemistry, biological processes, and pollutant interactions within the aquatic environment.

Continue Reading about Sharon Gurney

Monica Giesbrecht

Image via HTFC

Principal (FCSLA, MALA, LEED Ap, CRM) – HTFC

Monica is an award-winning landscape architect who brings a passionate belief that nature has a limitless power to teach, inspire and heal to all her work.

Continue Reading about Monica Giesbrecht

Colleen Kuruluk

Image via Efficiency Manitoba

CEO  – Efficiency Manitoba 

Efficiency Manitoba is a standalone, non-share Crown corporation dedicated exclusively to energy efficiency in Manitoba. It is a unique opportunity to create a one-stop shop for Manitobans looking to save money and the environment.

Continue Reading about Colleen Kuruluk

Hijab Mitra

Image from Canadian Living

Founder / Zero Energy Architect – MISTECTURE Architecture + Interiors Inc.

Hijab Mitra believes architecture goes beyond the building itself. She saw architecture as an opportunity to positively impact the community and people who reside in it. Hijab is behind the redevelopment of the North End’s infamous Merchant Hotel (“the Merch”), and Marie Rose Place, an affordable housing project for single, immigrant women who could be at risk, now housing women from 15 different countries.

Continue Reading about Hijab Mitra here, and here

Ute Holweger 

Image via LinkedIn

Manager – Lake Winnipeg Basin Program at ECCC

Ute Holweger is a professional landscape architect with expertise in landscape ecology. She has extensive knowledge & over 22 years of public sector experience in water and watershed management, natural resource management, landscape-based planning, agricultural sustainability, environmental mitigation, agricultural management practices and principles of ecology.

Continue Reading about Ute Holweger

Shoni Madden

Image via Urban Systems

Sustainable Transportation Planner – Urban Systems Ltd.

Shoni specializes in sustainable transportation, but has also worked in the area of climate change, leading 15 communities in Manitoba to begin their sustainability planning efforts as part of a provincial program to reduce emissions.

Continue Reading about Shoni Madden

Lindsay Mierau

Image via LinkedIn

Environmental Coordinator – City of Winnipeg

Lindsay Mierau has worked in the environmental field for more than a decade, working in post- secondary, provincial and municipal government settings. She has experience working on a variety of sustainability initiatives, including green buildings, waste reduction, sustainability education, public participation, and urban environmental issues.

Continue Reading about Lindsay Mierau

Kate Rich

Assistant Deputy Minister, Manitoba Climate and Green Plan Implementation Office

Kate has led various strategies for the public and private sectors related to climate change, water, air quality and land management – with a focus on sustainable economic growth. Prior to joining the Manitoba government in 2019, she led the federal implementation of the pan-Canadian approach to carbon pricing, and represented Canada at international fora on carbon markets and competitiveness.  She has held a number of executive and senior management positions in the mining sector and governments, including Climate Change Policy, Land-Use Framework, Oil Sands Environmental Management, and Water Strategy Implementation. She holds a B.Sc.H. in geology and chemistry from Queen’s University and a M.Sc. in earth and atmospheric sciences from the University of Alberta.


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