Episode #10: Lisa Prime

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If you are interested in what makes a Livable City, you are probably familiar to the work of Lisa Prime.

She is known throughout this industry for her ability to bring this diverse array of stakeholders together. This includes identifying opportunities that benefit from the convergence of environmental, business and social considerations.  Lisa believes, that we need well-constructed policies to guide the planning for major development projects including infrastructure revitalization featured in regional economic plans.

Why you should care?

When the Winnipeg METRO Region was charged with helping the Province develop its Regional Growth Management and Servicing Plan, Lisa Prime was one on the first persons we reach out to.  After all, she is an expert at developing policy, master plan and strategy as well as implementation collaborations for real estate development, including low carbon technologies. Lisa also brings an expertise in partnerships, funding, procurement and government relations with in the public sector, development and corporate clients.

Lisa has been involved with several bell weather projects like Mattamy Homes, City of Markham and Enwave; and a leadership policy for the 2041 Metrolinx Regional Transportation Plan.

On Today’s Podcast

On today’s podcast we talk with Lisa Prime from PRIME Strategy & Planning as she works with the Winnipeg METRO Region to develop a Regional Growth Management and Servicing Plan. From her work on Toronto Waterfront and the Don River restoration project Lisa discusses similarities that she might draw on from her experience when looking to sustainably plan a growing METRO Region such as the one in Manitoba.

Lisa also shares the importance of working with partners in business and industry and the opportunity to bring folks together on a shared benefit and find ways to improve processes but also improve performance with a made-at-home approach.

Highlighted Quotes

I think the opportunity to bring folks together on a shared benefit and find ways to improve processes but also improve performance and the objectives you are trying to do in this world of climate change based city planning approach is super important.

You do a better job of working together and finding those right tools and levers to support the development community than working against them. 

I think the opportunity to apply a regional lens to a project area with several communities and find a collaboration approach that can really benefit the whole.

When do city building nowadays, city/region building and deal with growth issues we have to factor in climate change. 


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