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Colleen Sklar

The world is becoming more global. As editor and publisher of Creative Resolutions, I draw on my years of experience working with governments, businesses, and NGOs to help make sense of complex issues and find tangible paths forward in this new world order.

On each episode of my podcast and in my articles, I am joined by politicians, activists, journalists, CEOs, and other kinds of influential figures for candid conversations about the challenges we face. Through expert advice, behind-the-scenes stories, and practical strategies, I work to find common ground and turn visionary ideas into action.

Long story short, I get things done!

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"It is rare that we get the people who are at the center of making things happen to tell us the inside story of Who, What and Why. Her podcast is smart, entertaining, and insightful in addressing problems we would not be able to do alone. "

Bob Raleigh

Founder, PathSight


“…You are trying to do in this world of climate change” – Lisa Prime

If you are interested in what makes a Livable City, you are probably familiar to the work of Lisa Prime. Lisa believes, that we need well-constructed policies to guide the planning for major development projects including infrastructure revitalization featured in regional economic plans.

Draft Plan20-50—Have Your Say

The Winnipeg Metropolitan Region leaders are proud to share the journey of Plan20-50—Manitoba's first regional land use and servicing plan.

"One thing I insist on is not only having ideas and vision, but being able to find a tangible path forward to execute and get things done. Vision is fine, but it is meaningless if it doesn’t translate to action."

- Colleen Sklar

Achieve More, Together

Listen in bimonthly, as I talk to leaders across all sectors of civic and political life about developing a culture of collaboration to increase competitiveness, building solid foundations for economic success, and how to behave like a global actor by focusing on regional economic development.

Getting a wide variety of stakeholders with individual self interests to work together for the common good is notoriously hard. But it is also one of the most rewarding aspects of what I have done over the course of my career!

My results-driven approach simplifies the process, empowering you to uncover hidden opportunities, take tangible action and finally see businesses and communities grow!

Over my life, I have had a wide array of education, life experiences and employment opportunities from selling suits, to waiting tables, to my current role working to build collaborative partnerships with local governments. Having the opportunity to connect with and learn from inspiring people and organizations from around the world has not only led to amazing friendships, it has broadened my understanding of what is possible when people come together.

The pages, articles and blogs on this site are meant to inspire ideas, practical action and leadership so we can leave this planet, this country, this province and our neighbourhood better then we found it for our children and grandchildren. There is no time like the present to get started. I hope you will join me!

Colleen Sklar

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