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Future Focus 2050 – Getting Ready for What’s Next…


As Manitoba celebrates 150 years strong this year, we invite you to join leaders in government, business, academia and civil society to explore the challenges and opportunities related to climate, technology, effective partnerships, infrastructure investment and economic growth in order to build strong communities and secure our future for the next 150.

Leaders are being called to respond at an accelerated pace to pressing challenges that were once thought far on the horizon. It has become clear that biding our time and taking a “wait and see” approach is leaving us ill prepared for what lies ahead.

We need a big, dynamic, actionable vision so that our people, investors and developing markets in Manitoba thrive.

On Thursday March 26, 2020 at Canad Inns Destination Centre Polo Park, join local leaders of the Winnipeg METRO Region for an important day of discussion with experts from across Canada as we:

• Plan for a future that is destined to compete globally.

If we are to compete, we have to build a 21st century economy that manages our climate, health and our infrastructure as the pillars of our culture.

• Find new pathways to bridge the gaps.

Can we map a path for the next 30 years? What areas will we see growth in? How can we ensure we are making the investments today to reap the benefits in the future? How can we ensure we are providing quality of life benefits for all residents?

• Develop a clear-eyed view of our challenges and opportunities:

Reality Testing – Where do stand today? What are our opportunities and where should we place our bets?

To set the stage, John Coyne, a man well known for his leadership in corporate sustainability with Unilever, will share the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan – their strategy to grow the business, reduce its environmental footprint and increase its positive contribution to society.

Registration is now open and seating is limited. Please REGISTER HERE to join us as we all get ready for what is next…

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“…You are trying to do in this world of climate change” – Lisa Prime

If you are interested in what makes a Livable City, you are probably familiar to the work of Lisa Prime. Lisa believes, that we need well-constructed policies to guide the planning for major development projects including infrastructure revitalization featured in regional economic plans.

Circular Economy FAQs

Take a look at what a circular economy is, what it means for Manitobans and Canadians, and what you can do today to create a cleaner tomorrow.

“You’ve got to do something to force action by governments.” – Paul Thomas

"We live in a global world now where economic activity people capital jobs moves all over the globe. We won’t get into the game unless we organize ourselves effectively." - Paul Thomas

Working Together on Plan20-50

This week brought a fantastic meeting on regional planning and Plan20-50 with participants from all over the province, the country, and the world.

“If one of us fail, we all fail!” – Mike Moore

When you think about the future of Manitoba, most people think of Jobs, Technology and jobs again. Mike Moore is one the people who knows that the backbone of being ready to join the global economy start with, (Drum Roll Please!) LAND USE. How we build the plan for how we will use our most valuable if resources, our land, is where it all begins.

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