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A Better Way for the Winnipeg Metropolitan Region


We are at a unique place in time as we work to establish the Winnipeg Metropolitan Region model of collaborative development. Leaders from government, business and industry recognize that if we are to grow our economy, provide quality of life benefits for our communities along with a plan to responsibly manage our land and water resources, we must strategically align our efforts.

Our Region’s leaders have diligently reviewed the various forms that collaborative development  has taken across Canada and the globe. The most promising model that seems to be a perfect fit for the demands of our Region is decentralized coordination. This model allows communities to realize the benefits of partnership without losing their unique identity or control of their own destiny. Done correctly, each community gets the advantage of a regional perspective to enhance and support local opportunity.

To be sure, there is still a lot of work to be done before any plan can be implemented. However, the Winnipeg Metropolitan Region leaders have established a shared vision, gathered relevant data and analyzed the gaps in our current system. In achieving this shared vision, they have identified and agreed upon clear and concise action steps. These steps have been detailed and transparently shared in their report titled: Securing our Future: An Action Plan for Winnipeg’s Metropolitan Region. Local leaders have been actively seeking a broad base of input as this process continues to evolve.

The next logical step for the Region is to formalize this vision through the development of a Regional Plan, once constructed it will keep us on course. A regional plan will go a long way in increasing our competitiveness while demonstrating that we are open for business. Having a regional plan sends the signal to our partners in the private sector – the developers who build our communities and the business and industry partners who provide good jobs and support our quality of life – that we are organized, know what direction we are headed and that their investment is understood, realized and protected.

Getting this right is important. With the Winnipeg Metropolitan Region driving 70% of the GDP for Manitoba and home to 68% of the population, having a long term vision and plan for where we want to go together is the next logical step in realizing our full potential.  A regional plan will allow us to build on our competitive advantage and inform decision makers’ sound infrastructure investments while reducing red tape and protecting our natural resources, our abundant clean water and the productive capacity of our agriculture lands. Its an idea whose time has come.

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“…You are trying to do in this world of climate change” – Lisa Prime

If you are interested in what makes a Livable City, you are probably familiar to the work of Lisa Prime. Lisa believes, that we need well-constructed policies to guide the planning for major development projects including infrastructure revitalization featured in regional economic plans.

Circular Economy FAQs

Take a look at what a circular economy is, what it means for Manitobans and Canadians, and what you can do today to create a cleaner tomorrow.

“You’ve got to do something to force action by governments.” – Paul Thomas

"We live in a global world now where economic activity people capital jobs moves all over the globe. We won’t get into the game unless we organize ourselves effectively." - Paul Thomas

Working Together on Plan20-50

This week brought a fantastic meeting on regional planning and Plan20-50 with participants from all over the province, the country, and the world.

“If one of us fail, we all fail!” – Mike Moore

When you think about the future of Manitoba, most people think of Jobs, Technology and jobs again. Mike Moore is one the people who knows that the backbone of being ready to join the global economy start with, (Drum Roll Please!) LAND USE. How we build the plan for how we will use our most valuable if resources, our land, is where it all begins.

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