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5 Key Strategies for Coordinating Successful Collaboration


Creating successful partnerships has been a struggle since the beginning of time. Whether we are talking about personal or professional partnerships, challenges are plenty. There are, however, successful strategies to follow ensuring the essential groundwork gets laid to build a strong foundation to turn planning into action. Here are my top 5 strategies for coordinating successful collaboration:

5 key strategies for successful collaboration
5 Strategies for Successful Collaboration
  1. Know who needs to be at the table and what unique strengths they bring – cast a wide net!
  2. Find ways to increase more and deeper levels of interaction and conversation. This is where the good ideas come from! 
  3. Build and co-create a shared vision and desired scenario.
  4. As direction develops, be open to new and unique partnerships joining the conversation.
  5. Create check stops in the work plan to evaluate the right direction and celebrate success!  

Other things strong collaborators consider:

  • If it’s not broken, don’t fix it!
  • Creating partnerships aren’t for those who are in a hurry or the faint of heart!
  • Groundwork isn’t pretty or fun, but it’s absolutely critical.
  • Want to go fast? Go alone. Want to go far, go together. 

Getting a team moving forward together is no easy feat. But successful collaboration is possible by taking the time to strategically create the conditions necessary for active listening, which leads to active participation. A shared vision that everyone feels they helped create motivates them all to push forward, together!

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