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Can Our Strong History of Collaboration Lead Us to the Global Stage?


With 85% of net new economic growth generated by metro regions across Canada, working regionally has never been more important. As our leaders work to increase Canadian competitiveness, provinces and municipalities too are looking for ways to collaborate to compete on the global stage for trade and investment.

On February 28, 2019 the Winnipeg Metropolitan Region (WMR), recently named a strategic partner in the Province of Manitoba’s Economic Growth Action Plan, along with its partners at Economic Development Winnipeg hosted Malcolm Bruce, CEO of Edmonton Global – the newly formed Economic Development agency for the Edmonton Metro Region (EMR) – to share what is possible when government, business and industry collaborate to compete. 

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Canadian competitiveness

Malcolm, who successfully led the Edmonton Metropolitan Region for a number of years before taking the helm of Edmonton Global, is a strong proponent of partnership. He and 15 members of the Metro Region have translated what they bring collectively to one brand – Edmonton Global – in order to attract new investment to the region and bring good jobs for residents. 

With the Winnipeg Metro Region’s footprint consisting of 65% of the population of Manitoba, 70% of the provincial GDP and comprised of many of the fastest growing communities, there is a tremendous opportunity to build on our strengths and work together to ensure we are seizing opportunities to boost our economic growth, drive economic investment to increase the regions’ global competitiveness. 

We at the Winnipeg Metropolitan Region look forward to bringing our skills and expertise to the table as we chart a path forward, together.

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