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Manitoba’s Transportation Sector

Driving Manitoba’s Economy


In the Winnipeg METRO Region (WMR), the transportation sector including trucking is one of the strongest economic drivers. The transportation sector employs 42,000 people in the METRO Region alone. 

This week, during National Trucking Week, we tip our hats to the 400,000 Canadian men and women who keep the goods moving across Canada directly and indirectly contributing $2 billion to Manitoba’s GDP. 

Here are some other facts you may not know about trucking in Manitoba:

  • Five of Canada’s top 50 carriers are based in Manitoba
  • There are approximately 475 for-hire trucking companies headquartered in Manitoba
  • 95% of goods moved within Manitoba depend on trucks
  • Manitoba’s for-hire trucking carriers have a total gross expenditure impact on Canada of more than $3.07 billion
  • The trucking industry directly and indirectly employs approximately 4.6% of the Manitoba labour force
  • The Manitoba trucking industry operates more than 15,000 power units and 20,000 trailers
  • Manitoba is 3% of the Canadian population while the Manitoba trucking industry represents 5.1% of the Canadian industry
  • Approximately 400,000 commercial trucks cross the Manitoba‑US border each year
  • $8.87 billion of Manitoba’s exports are to the United States
  • $12.46 billion of Manitoba’s imports are from the United States
  • 80% of Manitoba’s merchandise trade with the United States is shipped by truck
  • Canada and the United States trade $662 billion in goods and services every year. More than 75% of the goods and services traded travel by truck


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